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Independence Day ~ July 4th
Ocean Shores, WA

July 4, 2008 ~ Independence Day is one of the greatest and most amazing sites visitors and locals can see along the beaches of Ocean Shores and the North Beach. July 4th brings in the most number of tourists than any other weekend or event. The beaches are lined with cars and people packing it in as nightime arrives. The fireworks can be heard as the days lead up to the 4th, but America's birthday brings the most unbelievable sites you will see as the sky is lit up with tons of fireworks. There are personal firework displays one right after the other, with Ocean City providing the big firework display off of 2nd Ave, the beach access street. July 4th fell on a Friday this year and I enjoyed the evening and night with some friends around a camp fire, enjoyed good food, and joined in with the rest of the beach and shot off some of our own fountains, roman candles and high in the sky fireworks. I was able to get some great shots overseeing the action on the beach from atop my GMC Yukon roof. Those were some amazing sites! To all of those who have not spent July 4th in Ocean Shores -- you must come out and see it for yourself.

Cars and people lining the beaches before nightime.


The fireworks begin all around us.



The Ocean breeze helps keep the air flowing for more fireworks to be shot off ~ what a site!



These shots were taken atop my Yukon roof
to provide great images of the action up and
down the beach.


Me lighting some fireworks.

Our fireworks and fountains that we let off.



April Swenson, Managing Broker & CRS
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